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Introducing Dr. Moskowitz, Specialized Foot Care Products

Now, here shows our specialized foot products' information. Dr. Moskowitz recommends appropriate foot products when needed, for each patient, depending on the patient's foot condition and treatment regimen. All prices are available. Please ask at the office, if you are interested in.

Custom made Sandals and Shoes

for your feet - especially, for wide or deep feet, flat feet, or any feet to give you perfect fit with the most comfortable feeling.

If you need to order the shoes, we would like you to come over to our office to measure and cast your feet. Please contact us about the special shoes, to set up a consultation for your needs.


Other Foot Care Products at Dr. Moskowitz's office

Our main products and custom shoes and orthotics

BIOFREEZE Roll On and Spray



















Tineacide Antifungul Cream and Solution










Futuro Ankle support





Formula 3





Silipos  and Spenco Gel Metatarsal Pad





Wonder Zorb Heel Cups






Darco Toe Alignment Sprint





VeruCide Wart Remover





DH walkers

(Post-op Shoes) Mesh Top Post-op Shoe * Breathable mesh upper with reinforced heel counter and padded hell collar, more stability overall to rear of the foot while reducing slippage. * Semi-rigid sole provides superior protection and control after osteotomies. * Extended strap and dual side closure system accommodates extra bulky dressings. Soft Top Post-op Shoe * The cotton-poly blend upper allows the patients foot to breathe and provides added comfort. * Designed specifically for recovery

Equalizer and Prostep walking casts and Nightsplints

(Equalizer Walker) * The first affordable alternative to the short leg cast. * Patented shock absorption feature in the feel for extra patient comfort * Engineered to be low profile and anatomically correct * Hot/Cold therapy gel available * Available in Gray, Black or Blue, and sizes are small, medium and large Contoured sole with shock absorption The low profile contoured sole design insures anatomical conformity and also results in a comfortable and natural gait.

Elastogel wound and toe-aid products

Toe-Aid Toe and Nail Dressing for Toenail removal- Toenail fungus Promotes moist healing Hypoallergenic Protective Absorbent Reduces Pain Helps Prevent Scab Inhibits Fungal Growth Will Not Stick to Wound Strong Bacteriostatic Action Easy to Apply Easy to Wear Easy to change Cost Effective Will Not Stick to wounds Requires few changes.









Tulli's heel cups





Benefoot Anti-Shox Conform Orthotic

Anti-Shox Conform Orthotics - with Gel Anti-Shox Conform Orthotics are comfortable, light-weight orthotics that absorb shock and customize to your feet for unsurpassed comfort and protection. The orthotics feature state-of-the-art Gel technology for extra protection at the areas most susceptible to pain. The Plastazone top cover conforms to your foot for a customized fit and maximum comfort.

Techni-Care Surgical Scrub

Techni-care Surgical Scrub * Broad Spectrum Topical Antiseptic Microbicide for Professional Degerming * 99.99% Bacterial Reduction in 30 second Contact Usage * O-T-C Pharmaceutical * Exceptionally mild debriding agent * Non-staining to skin and natural fibers * A microbicide for wound disinfection, or as an antiseptic treatment for lacerations, abrasions, and wound treatment * Excellent pre-operative skin preparation * Reduces the risk of cross-contamination rapidly * Safe for Mucous Membranes

Medical Formfit Ankle Brace

(Ankle Braces) Formfit Ankle Stirrup with honeycomb pads * Honeycomb pads offer varying comfort zones while contouring to the anatomy * Aeration holes provide breathability Formfit Ankle Stirrup with foam pads * Patented three-dimensionally molded foam provides extra comfort. * Lycra line open-cell foam provides extra comfort Pivoting Heel Straps New strap design allows for unobstructed range of motion in plantar and dorsi-flexion. Quick-adjust heel loop allows for a custom fit.

Birkenstocks sandals and clogs

BIRKENSTOCK -- custom-made orthotic therapy -- the combination is unbeatable. This is how it's done - It's as easy as 1-2-3. Step one : The doctor designs the custom fit by taking a neutral position cast of both feet, creating the basic models for the orthotics that are in corporated in to your sandals and clogs. Step two : Both feet are measured while standing -- so that the correct components may be separately selected for each foot. Step three : You new orthotic sandals or clogs are ready.

Diabetic Therapeutic Footwear

Diabetic Therapeutic Footwear Recommended Foot Health Products for Diabetes : Ambulator Biomechanical Footwear Ambulator Biomechanical Footwear is a unique line of shoes designed to limit stress at the areas of the foot most susceptible to pain. The footwear provides unsurpassed comfort and protection with special features such as Bio-Rocker soles and state-of-the-art removable Anti-Shox Orthotics.

Formfit Night Splint

(Formfit Night Splint) * Ideal for plantar faciitis, achilles tendonitis and other lower extremity overuse injuries * Patented FormFit 3-dimensional molded technology allows for variable padding thickeness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit * Soft, Lycra lined foam interior is pllush and breathable, eliminating heat build-up. * Three lycra lined foam padded straps with user-friendly center-release buckles ensure immobilization while maintaining comfort across the flexor tendons

DH Pressure Relief Shoe

(DH Pressure Relief) DH Pressure Relief Walker for plantar Ulcers and other wound treatments Feature and Benefits * Selective pressure relief * Shear reduction * Pressure distribution * Easily removed for cleaning * Pre-inflated bladder for strut protection * Patient-friendly leg straps * Inner Bootie designed to consistently locate the foot relative to the pressure relief insole. * 90' fixation of ankle to reduce shearing * Rocker sole

Other products

  • Ankle/Aircast, Brown Heelhugger, Post-operative and wedge shoes
  • Lynco and Thermofit orthotics, Strasburg Socks
  • Silipos Gel socks, Corn pads and braces, Revitaderm
  • Wheaton brace-bunion splint

Other custom shoes and orthotics

  • Apex, Aetrex, Comfort Rite, Propet diabetic and custom shoes
  • New balance, Clarks, Florsheim, Merrel, Nike, Saucony and many more

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